Peace Fires Outreach Kit

Thank you for volunteering to reach out to friends, colleagues, networks, and neighbors. Together we can connect millions of open-hearted people around the world to channel positive energy. This is the time to unite. This is the time for love and peace. 

    How to Host a Peace Fire Kit

    1. Build a fire any way you like with the shared intention for peace.

    2. Build a fire and lead a Peace Fires Traditional Ceremony (see the kit for details) with the shared intention for peace.

    Click here to download the Host Kit!

    Our Outreach Kit has something for everyone, including sample Facebook and Twitter posts, to keep you sharing on social media! There are tips and talking points for your posts and any conversation.

    Note: This is our New Year's Eve kit. The tips, sample posts, and talking points will be updated for the Full Moons soon.

    Outreach Kit (PDF):

    Click here to download!

    Outreach Tools:

    Thank you again for your helping spread the word about this movement.
    Let there be peace on earth and love for one another.
     Together we can change the world!