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Peace fires fill you with happiness and peace

Portland Peace Fires 2018.jpeg
I felt a tremendous sense of peace, a wave of peace, love, and unity broadcast out to blanket our Earth family...knowing my fire was connected to so many others, was extra special and powerful.
— Cecilia Z., Texas, USA
I found myself spending far more time in the live streaming than I had anticipated...I could hardly leave the site...it surprised me with the intensity of immersion I felt with the fire and the community. I am deeply grateful for every one of us who joined in support of ‘the light’ and planetary support...it feels like a huge growing wave of transformation that can’t be halted...thank you all again.”-
— Glenna Q., California, USA
I let go of any negative energy I had over the past year and focused on a positive, peaceful year full of prosperous endeavors. I felt a calm, peaceful wave come over me.
— Danielle v.D., Connecticut, USA
Very beautiful, felt carried into the heart space by the chanting on broadcast. It brought the New Year beyond family relations and created much needed space for opening up to the relation with all beings.
— Gitasri B., SLOVAKIA
I felt like a true spiritual champion on New Year’s Eve! I loved knowing I was doing something truly positive and life-changing and helping the entire world become a better, more connected and more peaceful place.
— Jessi Vitts, Colorado, USA
It was really beautiful, I feel so calm.
— Jade, age 11, attended a Peace Fire in Austin, TX, USA
The whole day felt like a build up of energy, excitement and hope with a strong feeling of unity. Sitting watching the live streaming along with my candles during meditation was wonderful. When midnight approached and past the energy certainly intensified and it felt really good repeating the collective prayer. For sure this collective prayer/practice has made a huge impact.... lets see what happens.

I felt at a deep heart, soul level the stream of love that flowed around the planet - uniting our hearts until we were truly ONE. I woke up afterwards with an indescribable feeling of peace and hope. Now the challenge is to keep the river flowing.
— Mimi, Alabama, USA
I meditated in front of the candle for one hour and repeated they requested prayer peace on earth and love for one another. I felt very centered and connected to many people around the world. I had never done anything like this on New Year’s Eve so it was very very special.
— John R. USA

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