Experience the Peace. Connect Your Light.



Join us May 9th and on June 21-22nd for Peace Fires with the intention:
“Let there be peace on earth and love for one another.”


We are uniting people around the world to create an energetic shift in consciousness. Peace Fires are bringing people together to create positive energy for peace in our lives, our communities, and the globe. They're a powerful remedy for the fear and negativity in the world. 

Why Fire?  

People have gathered around fires since the beginning of time and still do for many occasions all over the world. A fire is warming and draws people near. The practice of gathering around a fire has in recent years become prominent again. For many people, it is a beautiful vehicle to unite both in spirit and in positive action with love and care for oneself, other people, animals, all of nature, and to help bring peace on a global scale.

We believe the fire element has the capacity to relieve stress, resolve difficult emotions, and at the same time, help generate positive energy and resilience. When we include the power of a collective positive intention, ‘Let there be peace on earth and love for one another,’ we can lift the atmosphere all around us.

Experience the Energy and Power of Unity

Join thousands of people uniting to create positive energy and love circling the globe as our Peace Fires connect. When we gather around a fire with love, it opens our hearts. Experience your own inner peace through the uplifting energy, and stand together with us in this global movement for peace. 

Thank you for saying "Yes!"  Connect Your Light today and Join the Movement

Join the Movement

 Summer Solstice Locations: 1530 in 68 countries
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