Message from the Light:
The Birth of a Movement


In August of this year, we were in Shirdi, India meditating in the Dwarkamai, the place where the revered saint Shirdi Sai Baba (circa 1830 - 1918) lived for most of his life. Across from where he sat and slept was a sacred fire pit, a dhuni, which he kept burning throughout his life. This fire has been burning continuously now for more than 150 years. Although Shirdi Baba’s Dwarkamai is outwardly a very simple and unremarkable place, its spiritual energy is indescribable. One source of these divine vibrations is the continuously burning sacred fire there. Through this fire blessings and healing energy flows to the world. 

That August night the flames in Shirdi Baba’s dhuni were unusually high, leaping almost 10 feet, reaching for the sky. While watching these flames the inspiration came: join people and communities together for a global fire ceremony (puja) for world peace this coming New Year’s Eve. This will help calm the negative vibrations - violence, fear, hatred, and division - that are disturbing people everywhere, damaging our environment for generations to come, and creating suffering especially for the children and the poor.  

Shirdi Baba’s mission is to bring peace to the world. “Love all people, all creatures. Join hands and bring communities together. God is One.” He taught that all paths are one, and encouraged everyone to follow to their own spiritual path but be tolerant and accepting of all other faiths.

We are one humanity. Let us join our light together, people of all faiths and beliefs, to help illumine the whole world. 


Monika Penukonda & Clint Thompson, MD (Nityaananda) 
Directors, Divine Lineage Center
Laytonville, CA USA