A Message of Peace, Toby Oyarzabal

A message of Peace, Toby Oyarzabal

“Love all people, all creatures. Join hands and bring communities together. God is One.”
— Shirdi Baba
We are one. Our religion is love.
— Sri Kaleshwar
Let there be peace on earth and love for one another. Join me in the Global Movement for Peace New Year’s Eve 2016.
— Deepak Chopra
“If we choose the spiritual path, we can light yet another fire, an Eight Fire, and begin an extended period of Peace and healthy growth.”
— Grandfather William Commanda, Algonquin Elder and Spiritual Leader, from the Prophecy of the Seven Fires of the Anishnabe
There is more that unites the world than divides it. Peace is the natural state of every human being on earth. Absence of peace is a contrived phenomenon engineered by a few, for narrow unsustainable objectives. If only we respect everybody, rather than suspect everybody, if only we could focus on destroying the animosities stored within us rather than picking fights with perceived external enemies, we will be at peace within and at peace with the world around. Let us offer our sincere heartfelt prayers that each of us everywhere on our precious planet resolves to work for peace within and peace with others. We are called “human beings”, not “human havings”, so let us “be more” rather than “have more”. May Love and Peace Prevail
— Ravi Chaudhry, Chairman, CeNext Consulting & Investment Pvt Ltd www.ravichaudhry.com, www.cenextconsulting.com
“The Power of Prayers Collectively is perhaps the most potent force, it heals, it empowers, brings us in Harmony and it Heals. Scientists now have recognized and proven it and acknowledge the Power of Prayer. Prayer works Miracles. The Energy generated in Prayer can and is a positive force, which is multiplied manifold when we Pray Together. Prayer is Prayer, it does not have any Boundaries, does not Discriminate, Transcends cultures, Spreads Love and Respect as it builds Harmony and it Unites All of US”.
— Bawa Jain, World Council of Religious Leaders
Consciousness is our level of awareness of the spirit of God in everything. What does peace mean? Peace is when people respect each other and can see with our most elevated consciousness the spark of God that exists in every one in everything.

We are destined to be many, but to learn to act as One.
— Karen Berg, The Kabbalah Centre
It is so important that there be unity in our community. It makes no difference what each one of us thinks, what is critically important is that there be unity among us. When squabbles happen, let’s remember that we work for the Light. Let go and let the Light do it’s work. Unity is all that remains for us to do.
— Rav Berg
“Peace, a thread of hope that unites earth to heaven, a word so simple and difficult at the same time.  Peace means Forgiveness, the fruit of conversion and prayer, that is born from within and that, in God’s name, makes it possible to heal old wounds.  Peace means Welcome, openness to dialogue, the overcoming of closed-mindedness, which is not a strategy for safety, but rather a bridge over an empty space…We desire that men and women of different religions may everywhere gather and promote harmony, especially where there is conflict.

— Pope Francis, Vatican City
The world deeply needs our shared intentions and positive prayers. Let us come together around our neighborhoods, our communities and the globe. Even if you are alone - light a candle and join us.
— Marie Case, USA
Let love prevail and support those closest to us and those far away. To support the leaders of the world in this time of global change to make the correct decisions to prevent war and to take care of the well being of their citizens. To help us to show wisdom in adversity and conflict.
— Yuko Niwaki, Japan
Peace for every human being, for all the animals, for the nature for everything on this planet and around this planet. May love and respect always be your light for you and for all.
— Vivian Kneiss-Boegle, Germany
If we stand together for the truth and for each other the peace we need and the peace the world needs will reveal itself.
— Alexanra Song, USA
Be the light and love to the planet.
— Barbara Šušková, Czech Republic
Bringing powerful energy of peace, love and clarity to the the globe.
— Jane Roberts, United Kingdom
Peace and love, may they become stronger than darkness and war.
— Jan­ice Strak­bein, USA
May each soul know inner peace and may we discover together how we can transform the world, this creation with our love and understanding. May we discover together, our true nature beyond our limited view of the petty self. And may these discoveries bring about the solutions to all of our problems. As part of the whole we are one.
— Candice Stein, USA
May there be peace in the hearts of all men, women and children across the globe.
— Harry Whitehead, USA
Our happiness is based on our earth’s peace. We, together go on walking towards Light. So we live, so we die positively with love and prayers as Guru Prampara.
— Yumiko Nagoya, Japan